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Safety Programs

National Safety Resource Center was built around our safety programs. For many of our clients we are their safety department. No matter the size of your company, we can take care of all of your safety needs.

12-Month Safety Program

Our 12-Month Safety Program allows us to be your safety department. We start with evaluating your company's current safety program. We determine if and where your company is lacking and get to work to make your company the safest it can be. Below is a detailed list of what our safety programs include.

Safety Audits

  • Conduct weekly safety audits on your sites.
  • Safety audis include safety violations in the field and project administration, observed hazards, abatement procedures, and hazard ratings.

Safety Manuals

  • Update current corporate safety manual, if needed.
  • Develop site-specific safety manuals for any and all projects, and required forms.

Safety Training

  • Train employees as well as site subcontractors.
  • Up to 10 hours of training per employee.

Site Safety

  • Develop site safety programs including subcontractor safety rules, site emergency procedures, Job Safety Pre-Task Analysis, etc.
  • Set up binder system to track site safety documentation and site contractors.


  • Representation during all OSHA investigations.
  • Help reduce or eliminate possible citations and/or fines.

Accident Investigation

  • Assist in all accident investigations.
  • Assist in identification of root cause and development of abatement procedures/corrective actions.
  • Create a lessons-learned and coduct safety stand-down, and/or training.

Site Safety Program

Don't need a full safety department for your company but still have a project that could use some extra help? Short-term or long-term, our site safety program allows us to provide you with all of the same services listed above on a site leve

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